Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm almost all ready for my presentation tomorrow. I've decided since it is pretty difficult to put together a documentary, just to talk about my presentation. I will be showing the class the interview I had with the anonymous individual (it will have edited voice overs and the person will be cropped out), the number of rehab centers I have found in Kansas alone, information from my over-the-phone interview with Mr. Michael Ciaccio, and some other information I gathered from a family friend, Mrs. Jordan Duling. I'm hoping and praying that this presentation goes as smooth as I envision it to. I tend to get very nervous speaking in front of others, especially my classmates. I'm always afraid they won't think my work is good enough, but I'm feeling pretty confident about this one. Wish me luck, and pray for me please!!!


  1. You are going to be awesome baby girl. You have always had a gift of getting peoples attention. Do you know how powerful that is? I can tell that you have a passion for your subject. So even if you have a glitch or two....your passion, that is what will shine through. So, go get 'em lil one! YOUR gonna rock!! Your Nana loves your face!